Why should I buy a Family Home Inc. home?

With a New Family Home Inc. home you get “MORE”. . . More floor plans to choose from, more standard features included, more choices to select from, more style and more equity.

What is Built On Your Lot construction?

The Family Homes Inc. process is simple. We build on the lot you already own. Next you select from one of our numerous home plans, (See Q: Do you allow us to make floor plan changes?) then our team will get started on building the home you have always dreamed of.

How Long Does The Process Take From Start To Finish?

The process of building your dream home depends on the size of the home, location of the build and the amount of customization added to your plan. It typically can take about five to seven months from start to move-in.y.

Is This A Manufactured Or Modular Home?

No. Our homes are custom built on your land. A foundation is poured and a lumber package is delivered to your site, our framing crew then proceeds to build from the ground up. “Nail By Nail Stud By Stud”

Can We Make Floor Plan Changes?

Absolutely! Making custom floor plan changes has been a part of our business model since the founding of our company. Unlike other builders, everything in your Family Home  home can be tweaked or changed until you are completely happy with the plan. Our Design Team can help you move walls and windows, add closets, 3rd. car garages, covered patio space, or just about anything else that makes your house feel like your dream home!

Can We Use Our Land Toward The Down Payment?

Yes! In fact if you own your property outright or have equity in your property, a down payment may not be required.